Store Says FedEx Allowed Homeless Man To Sign For Delivery He Then Stole

Image courtesy of JeepersMedia

It’s always upsetting when someone steals your packages after they’ve been delivered, but it’s even more of a bummer when the company doing the deliveries apparently puts that package into the hands of the thief. A California shop is pretty steamed at FedEx, claiming the carrier allowed a homeless man to sign for its packages, which have now gone missing.

A music store in Roseville, CA, says the missing merchandise has it scrambling ahead of the holidays, CBS Sacramento reports (warning: link contains autoplay video). The shop’s owner says he was expecting a special order guitar and ukulele that never arrived. A neighboring business brought over some empty boxes addressed to the store.

“They told me that somebody had signed for the package, and it turned out it was someone who was sitting outside,” he said. “My first reaction was what crazy driver would be dumb enough to allow a random person to sign for somebody else’s package, especially when the business is clearly closed.”

He adds that the person he suspects of taking the packages is someone who has been around the business regularly, and he thought they had a good relationship with him.

“I’m just really disappointed,” he tells the news station.

FedEx says it’s looking into the situation.

“The described behavior is not consistent with the professionalism FedEx demonstrates in safely and securely delivering millions of packages to customers every day,” the company said in a statement. “We take these matters very seriously and are working with those involved to resolve the issue.”

Police are trying to find the stolen goods, but in the meantime, the store owner has placed a rush order and is hoping the replacement instruments will arrive in time for Christmas.

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