Facebook Is Launching Yet Another Snapchat Clone

Image courtesy of Facebook

In its latest attempt to lure Snapchat users away from the photo-sharing app, Facebook has launched yet another service that basically does exactly what Snapchat does.

Though Facebook already attempted a Snapchat-ish app, the ill-fated failure, Slingshot, and is testing-self destructing, secret messages, and recently announced some Snapchatesque photo filters, this latest move is aimed specifically at emerging markets where reliable WiFi may not be as accessible.

Facebook says its new Flash app is “less than 25 MB” in size, or about a third as big as Snapchat’s Android app on the new Google Pixel phone, Re/code reports.

If users can access a lite version of something that’s just like Snapchat but doesn’t hog as much data or phone storage, Facebook’s hope is that they might be lured away from Snapchat altogether.

Facebook launched Flash in Brazil on Tuesday but hasn’t said yet where else it might offer the app.

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