Shoplifters’ 10 Favorite Things To Steal During The Holidays

Image courtesy of TheIdealist

In the shopping rush of the holiday season, it’s always wise to keep in mind that not everyone is in the giving mood: shoplifters do a lot of damage during this busy time of year, and there are certain things they like stealing better than others.

According to Checkpoint Systems’ Retail Holiday Season Global Forecast [PDF] (h/t MarketWatch), 37% of a store’s annual shrink loss, which is the revenue they should receive for inventory minus what they actually receive, can be chalked up to shoplifting, employee theft, and fraud during the holiday season.

“These increases in losses place an enormous burden on retailers and, ultimately, on honest consumers who pay for it in higher prices,” the report’s authors say.

It’s partly due to the fact that stores are more crowded and will see more visitors during the holiday season. Also, some folks might be able to justify stealing when it’s not for themselves.

“It’s much easier to do so when a child’s Christmas present is at stake rather than an extra bathing suit for the summer,” the report notes.

So what are people stealing the most?

1. Electronics accessories (like cellphone cases)
2. Leather clothing
3. Electronics
4. Accessories
5. Winter clothing
6. Meat and seafood
7. Alcohol
8. Perfume and cologne
9. Children’s toys
10. Gourmet chocolate

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