Cox Customers In Florida, Georgia Now Have To Pay Up For Hitting Data Caps

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Cox Communications upped it’s data cap to 1 TB per month recently, joining the club with peers AT&T and Comcast. The silver lining was that at the time, only one city’s subscribers had to pay up if they hit the limit. But too bad, so sad: the pool of people who have to cough up cash for using extra data is spreading now, too.

The change was spotted by Multichannel News. Cox updated their FAQ on Monday, to include all of Florida and Georgia, along with Cleveland, in the group of subscribers now subject to overage fees.

There’s a grace period in place for the next two billing cycles, a Cox representative told Multichannel News. That two-month grace period before overage fees kick in stats on Nov. 21.

After the two months run out (so, in January 2017), customers who exceed 1 TB of data use in a given month will be subject to fees of $10 for each additional 50 GB. That’s billed in blocks, so even if you go over by less than 1 GB you’re still on hook the $10 for the whole 50 and may as well use it up too.

Cox sends customers data alerts when they’re at the 85%, 100%, and 125% usage points.

The company says it notified customers in the affected service areas of the change on Tuesday, Oct. 25.

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