Whole Foods Starts Selling Meal Kits For Purple Carrot

Mail-order meal kits are an industry growing so fast that some companies’ own staffs can’t keep up, and all of that growth depends on getting new people to try the services. Instead of selling people on subscribing to food through the mail using words and pictures, the vegan-focused box company Purple Carrot plans to start selling meal kits in Whole Foods stores.

For his part, the CEO of Purple Carrot sees the companies’ missions as similar: getting good quality, plant-based (that’s a more inclusive term than “vegan”) food into the hands and stomachs of American consumers.

“Whole Foods recognizes that now, more than ever, customers are in need of convenience without sacrificing quality or nutrition,” CEO Andy Levitt told the Boston Globe. “The ethos of our brand matches nicely to theirs. It’s a smart way for the two brands to collaborate.”

For now, the experiment is only at one Whole Foods store in the Boston area, near Purple Carrot’s headquarters. Further expansion could help the company reach new markets, since it doesn’t ship meals to the entire country yet, but Whole Foods does have national reach.

The first kits available in stores will offer shoppers the choice of Mongolian seitan stir fry, pan-seared tofu and black rice noodles, or cashew korma with cauliflower rice.

Purple Carrot partners with Whole Foods [Boston Globe]

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