iMessage Users Report Attempted Hacks

When it comes to trying to breach the data on iPhones, scammy text messages are apparently all the rage. In just the last year, we’ve had the text that could instantly crash an iPhone, and the flaw that allowed hackers to steal your saved passwords with a single text. Now, some Apple users are reporting another possible hack attempt, this time through their iMessage accounts.

Mashable reports that Apple users, including one of the publication’s own employees, have been suffering hack attacks tied to their iMessage and Apple ID accounts, both on their computers and smartphones.

The issue, which Apple support says is likely an attempt by hackers to steal personal information, began for the Mashable employee when she received a message in her computer’s iMessage account from a foreign number, with a message written in Chinese.

A short time later, she says she received a notification that her Apple ID was being used on another device. The only prompt connected to the notification was to click “OK.” Immediately after clicking on the button, her iMessage account was flooded with messages from a foreign number, written Chinese.

The Mashable employee changed her Apple ID password, security questions, and contacted Apple support.

A rep for Apple said the hack is fairly new and that developers are currently working on a fix. The company was unsure if users’ personal information had been compromised.

Still, Apple users on Twitter have been reporting the issue for several weeks.

In some cases, Apple Support responded to users on Twitter, pointing to a resource page for those who believe their Apple ID has been compromised.

iMessage hack floods Apple users with Chinese text [Mashable]

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