Woman Gives Birth To Baby Boy In Walmart Checkout Lane, Pays For Merchandise First

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Babies don’t always have the best timing. When it comes to being born, they might wait until you’re at the hospital, but that baby might decide to make its debut on a Southwest flight, a Walmart parking lot, or in a Sam’s Club bathroom. So why not the Walmart checkout line, where you can give birth and pay for your groceries at the same time.

Fox 13 Now reports that a customer in a Utah Walmart was shopping with her family Sunday morning when she began experiencing stomach problems that quickly turned out to be labor pains.

A manager for the Walmart store says that the incident unfolded in about 15 minutes. During that time, the woman notified the manager that she wasn’t feeling well. While he went to call 911, the woman headed to the checkout lane to pay for her items.

“The funny thing is that the customer was down on her knees and she insisted on paying for her merchandise and we’re like you know that’s just not important. You know, we were going to take care of her on it,” the manager said, noting that employees and fellow shoppers quickly grabbed towels and blankets to help the woman to deliver the baby boy.

“By the time the EMTs got here she had paid for her merchandise and had a baby,” the manager said.

A responding EMT tells Fox 13 Now that the woman “was very calm, she did very well — it was her third child so she had experienced childbirth before so I don’t think she was as nervous about it other than it was at Walmart.”

The woman and baby were taken to the hospital in good condition. The Walmart manager, who joked that the store would change the name of register 11 to “baby register,” says the company plans to buy the woman some necessities like diapers and formula.

Mother gives birth in checkout line at Payson Walmart after paying for merchandise [Fox 13 Now]

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