American Airlines Flight Attendants Say New Uniforms Are Giving Them Hives, Headaches

Image courtesy of American Airlines

It’s got to be hard enough working on an airplane — serving drinks thousands of feet in the sky, smiling at strangers when you maybe want to scream at them — without having to deal with uncomfortable clothing. But some American Airlines flight attendants say they’re breaking out in hives and suffering horrible headaches from their brand new uniforms.

The airline just debuted the new uniforms on Sept. 20 and already there are reports coming in that they’re causing physical discomfort among staff: Chicago Business Journal cites inside sources who say more than 400 flight attendants have informed their union and company management that they’re itchy and breaking out into hives, and experiencing headaches since they’ve put on the new uniforms.

An American spokeswoman confirmed to the Journal that the airline has gotten some complaints about the uniforms, which are believed to be related to a wool allergy.

She said anyone feeling uncomfortable in the uniforms has been given the option of getting new clothing made out of a polyester material — but some attendants say there are also issues with the garments made from cotton.

The union that represents the flight attendants is now sending the uniform out for more testing, after American management reportedly had it tested by a British product testing company.

In the meantime, people in the know say AA management asked any flight attendants having issues with itching, rashes, or headaches to file injury on duty paperwork.

Another issue with the new duds elsewhere on staff has already been addressed, at least: some female pilots didn’t like the new shirts because the fabric was a bit too see-through to be professional.

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