Sprint CEO: This Whole Note 7 Recall Thing Will Be Forgotten In 6 Months

Image courtesy of Samsung

Despite weeks of Samsung’s Galaxy Note 7 grabbing headlines — first for reports of exploding devices, then for the drawn-out process that eventually led to an official recall — at least one person thinks the whole controversy will be forgotten sooner rather than later.

Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure says that despite the brouhaha over the devices, he thinks the brand’s image will be fine in the long term once enough time has passed.

“We start shipping the new Notes this week already,” Claure said in an interview with Fortune. “We’re going to pick them up and six months from now nobody will remember that there was a Note 7 recall.”

Besides, he adds, “stuff like this happens,”and it will happen again. Like they said in Battlestar Galactica: all of this has happened before, and will happen again.

“The world that we live in today just exposes it a thousand times more (with) the Internet, social media, and all that. But having issues with phones has been happening for quite a long time,” he says.

In the meantime, Sprint is having a tough time convincing customers to bring their Note 7 devices in to exchange, Claure says. Worldwide, Samsung says about 2.5 million devices need to be recalled. In an effort to convince those folks, Sprint is sending out text messages and pretty much begging customers to return them.

Sprint CEO Says Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Recall Will Be Forgotten in 6 Months [Fortune]

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