Olive Garden Already Sold All 21,000 Unlimited Pasta Passes

You read that headline right. Even though Olive Garden is often desperate for customers, and despite the company’s boardroom brawls over breadsticks, people still have to get their hands on that unlimited Pasta Pass.

As of Thursday afternoon, Olive Garden’s website says the chain has sold out of all 21,000 Never Ending Pasta Passes it put up for sale earlier in the day, instead of the 2,000 passes it sold last year (which were gone within literally one second).

When we asked Olive Garden for the numbers on this year’s sale, a spokeswoman simply said the Passes “were claimed immediately.”

If you’re about to start crying marinara-flavored tears over missing out, Olive Garden has a few options to keep you from the black market: the chain is auctioning off 21 passes through Sept. 18 to benefit Feeding America; or you can follow Olive Garden on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for announcements about more passes.

Were you able to score a Pasta Pass? If so, we want your stories and photos of your pasta-eating experiences — even if you don’t eat as many meals as this guy did back in 2014. Send an email to tips@consumerist.com with the subject line, PASTA PASS.

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