Disney World Adding Fun New Mandatory Fingerprinting Attraction For Kids 3 And Up

Image courtesy of frankieleon.

You know how three-year-olds can be so untrustworthy, always scamming this that or the other person to get what they want (no naps, cookies, and continuous cartoons)? Walt Disney World is stepping up to combat fraud-by-toddler with a new rule requiring all kids ages three and up to get their fingerprints scanned upon entry.

Previously, theme park visitors who were at least 10 years old had to have their fingers scanned when entering, in an effort to keep people from using stolen tickets, or from sharing tickets between themselves, WESH Orlando reports (warning: link contains video that auto plays).

The new process, which went into effect last month, “ensures a seamless entry experience for our guests, helps protect guests from someone else using their ticket and reduces ticket fraud,” a Disney spokesperson told WESH.

If you’d rather not have your kids participating in such a thing, you can have your finger scanned instead, just so long as there’s some kind of print attached to each ticket. And for those folks who outright don’t want any kind of scans taken, you can visit guest relations.

Disney has been using finger scans since the mid-2000s, and says the biometric technology takes a photo of the guest’s finger, turns it into a unique number and then trashes the image, without saving the fingerprint.

In the future, it might be more than fingerprints that Disney scans if the theme park turns a patent for foot-tracking technology into reality.

Walt Disney World updates finger scanning policy for children [WESH Orlando]

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