Lands’ End Partners Up With Amazon To Move Some Clothes

Image courtesy of Nicholas Eckhart

If you’re a retail business, and you want to sell your merchandise, you should go where the shoppers are, right? Lands’ End, the retailer of preppy clothing and canvas tote bags that is not L.L. Bean, is doing just that. While maintaining its own website and stores, most of which are inside the department stores of former parent company Sears, the company will begin selling some of its merchandise through Amazon’s new fashion section.

An e-commerce deal with Lands’ End has already come and gone for Amazon: back in 2002, centuries ago in e-commerce time, the clothing company was owned by Sears and teamed up with Amazon to sell items online before branching out and starting its own sales site once that strange “buying things on-line” concept caught on.

We don’t know when that deal ended, but Lands’ End as a merchant still has feedback on Amazon for transactions that took place in 2011.

Now, according to the Wall Street Journal, the company’s plan is to sell some of its items on Amazon, but not all of them. The company’s new, more fashionable Canvas collection for women will be available on Amazon, along with shoes and athletic clothing.

“This provides an additional channel for us to introduce consumers to our new brand and expanded category,” CEO Federica Marchionni told investment analysts earlier this week when explaining the partnership.

Amazon is making a big push into fashion, and the WSJ reports that the company is changing how it discounts merchandise for the new fashion department, dealing with fashion labels both high and low end worried about damaging their brands.

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