This Cake Featuring A Ken Doll Wearing A Ruffled Pink Dress Is Selling Like Crazy

Image courtesy of CBS Sacramento

Perhaps you’ve seen cakes with a doll wearing a gorgeous, puffy gown made of frosting before, but one Sacramento bakery’s twist on that familiar creation — using a Ken doll instead of Barbie — has prompted an avalanche of orders.

At first, a photo of Freeport Bakery’s Ken Doll cake on Facebook was met with some harsh comments on Facebook from people who didn’t like seeing Ken in a ruffled pink dress, tiara, and jewelry, CBS Sacramento reports, but now the bakery is receiving a flood of support for the pink concoction. Orders have been coming in from all over the world.

“We’ve got more coming just for this weekend, it seems like just in the last two or three hours, we’ve actually got more orders,” the head decorator told CBS.

Haters are still gonna hate, but the bakery’s owner says the good feedback is now drowning out the bad.

“For every negative comment, or email, or text message I get, there are at least 30-45 comments saying we support you from as far as New Zealand and from Canada,” she says.

One customer who was picking up his cake doesn’t see what the big deal is. He said he didn’t want anyone attacking his local bakery, so he placed an order for the Ken creation.

“I don’t know what the controversy is, it’s a cake! I think it’s the perfect expression of our American values,” he told the station.

Ken Doll Cake Orders Flooding Freeport Bakery After Photo Goes Viral [CBS Sacramento]

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