Uber Reportedly Shrugs Off Idea Of Acquiring Lyft

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With reports circulating that ride-hailing service Lyft may be looking to sell itself, it makes sense to think of Uber, its most prominent competitor, as a potential buyer. However, it seems very unlikely that regulators would allow this merger, or that Uber is even interested.
According to Bloomberg, Uber executives have recently been telling possible Lyft buyers that it wouldn’t pay more than $2 billion to acquire the other company.

That figure, while more than we have saved in our piggie banks, is less than half the value that others have put on Lyft. Bloomberg’s sources say the company probably wouldn’t even consider this sort of low-ball offer.

Additionally, Uber CEO Travis Kalanick has said he wouldn’t support a possible deal, anyway, noting that the proposal would face intense regulatory scrutiny.

Bloomberg reports that Lyft has been working with Qatalyst Partners to solicit interest into a possible acquisition.

After a $500 million investment from GM earlier this year, the company was valued at $5.5 billion, but that hasn’t reportedly stopped the company from looking for more money.

Last week, the New York Times reported that Lyft had held informal acquisition talks with Alphabet Inc., Amazon.com Inc., Apple Inc. and Chinese ride-hailing company Didi Chuxing. However, the company reportedly sought as much as $9 billion, and failed to receive interest from outside parties, sources said.

Uber Tells Investors It Wouldn’t Pay Above $2 Billion for Lyft [Bloomberg]

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