Hey, Sprint Has Some New Unlimited Plans, Too

Image courtesy of Misfit Photographer

This morning, we shared the news that T-Mobile USA was doing away with the entire concept of mobile plans, and instead putting all postpaid users on plans with unlimited voice, messaging, and data. Competing small carrier and erstwhile merger partner Sprint doesn’t want to be left out, and announced its own unlimited plan today.

For a household of four people, the pricing is almost identical to T-Mobile’s new unlimited offering: at $60 for the first person, $40 for the second, and $30 each for the third and fourth, the total bill is $160 or $40 per user. Sprint is pushing the deal as “two lines for $100,” apparently targeting couples rather than families and framilies.

Prepaid brand Boost Mobile also now has an unlimited offering, called Unlimited Unhook’d, because “Unlimit’d Unhook’d” would be just weird. Both brands have “optimized” data for the most bandwidth-intensive things that customers do with their phones: streaming videos, streaming music, and gaming.

A Boost plan that may work for people who spend a lot of time near WiFi or who simply don’t use a lot of data will be available for $30 per month, with one gigabyte of data and unlimited everything else.

Sprint agrees with T-Mobile that customers don’t really want high definition video on their phones. “In fact, most individuals we showed could not see any difference between optimized and premium-resolution streaming videos when viewing on mobile phone screens,” CEO Marcelo Claure said in a statment that was part of the new plan announcement.

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