Man Responsible For “Framily” Is Being Frired By Sprint

sprint-framily-hamsterAnyone who champions an ad campaign that features: a talking hamster voiced by Andrew Dice Clay; a French-speaking Girl Scout; a jerky, lanky goth named Gord-on; and the sadly wasted comedic talents of Judy Greer — and then tries to introduce the term “framily” into the lexicon — does not deserve to be a top executive at a major wireless provider. Which is why Sprint is already planning to say goodbye to its Chief Marketing Officer after less than one year on the job.

Ad Age reports that Sprint CMO Jeff Hallock, who rose to the position in January after 15 years rising through the ranks at the company, will be departing the company at some point during the first quarter of 2015 unless they find a replacement sooner.

Though Sprint insists that Hallock’s exit is “voluntary” and “based on a personal decision,” the writing has been on the wall for him since new Sprint CEO Marcelo Claure joined the company in August.

Not only did Claure immediately scrap the Framily ads and replace the group plans with new plans that value gigabytes over quirky characters, he also openly mocked the campaign, saying, “We are marketing a hamster talking to people… That’s very hard to sell.”

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