Judge Grants Permission For Volkswagen To Test Scrapping Cheating Diesels

Image courtesy of frankieleon

What can Volkswagen do with the cars with emissions-cheating diesel engines that it buys back from consumers? The automaker has one proposal that a federal judge approved: even though the vehicles are pretty new, the company has proposed scrapping them to get them and their polluting engines off the roads.

There are an estimated 50,000 cars that Volkswagen may buy back and need to find a use for. Before recycling that many vehicles at once, though, Volkswagen wants to run a pilot test on some of the 2-liter cheating diesels that it already owns.

The first test will have 20 vehicles, and Volkswagen would use it to study the feasibility of scrapping vehicles that come back through the buyback program and lease terminations. Some parts could be re-used to repair non-cheating Volkswagens, and it would be legal to re-sell them and use them.

Judge lets VW test program to scrap cheating diesel vehicles [AP]

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