Verizon Adds Unlimited Throttled Data To Prepaid Plans, Too

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Earlier this month, Verizon Wireless announced some changes to their wireless plans: the company increased data allotments while also increasing prices. It also added popular data plan features like rollover data and throttled access past a user’s cap that have been a hit with customers and adopted by other carriers.

You may not be familiar with Verizon’s prepaid options, but they exist, and the pricing and access tiers are simple and easy to understand. The new changes to data plans, however, do resemble options first introduced at a certain very magenta carrier.

The throttled data option, called “Always-On” since it technically is, costs extra for postpaid customers, but is the default for prepaid customers. Customers whose bills are set on auto-pay receive an additional gigabyte of data as a reward.

You can also get a phone without data access (which Verizon amusingly spins as “Wi-Fi-only data access”) for $30 per month on a prepaid plan. Prices go up in increments of $15 from there, ending at a $60/month plan that offers 5 GB of data, unlimited voice and text to Canada and Mexico, and mobile hotspot access.


Prepaid by Verizon is now Always-On so you can stay connected [Verizon]

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