Monsanto Looking At “Strategic Options” After Rejecting Bayer’s $62B Bid

Image courtesy of Jeanette E. Spaghetti

A month after Monsanto deemed a $62 billion proposed merger bid from Bayer “financially inadequate,” the Missouri seed and pesticide giant is reportedly looking at its options after receiving less-than-stellar earning numbers. 

Reuters reports that Monsanto is in talks with Bayer and other companies regarding “alternative strategic options” that could include a merger.

Executives for Monsanto say the company has continued merger talks with Bayer after it rebuffed the smaller company’s merger bid, but that no deal has solidified.

Additionally, the company says the options under consideration include combinations with other companies and businesses outside of Bayer. Any further deals could also involved businesses that were divested from the Dow/DuPont merger.

“Monsanto remains the partner of choice in this industry and I assure you that we will continue to actively explore these opportunities,” Monsanto CEO Hugh “No, Not That One” Grant said.

However, Reuters points out that Bayer and other companies may not be willing to put billions of dollars on the line until they take a look at Monsanto’s financials.

The company recently revealed lower-than-expected sales for the sixth straight quarter. Analysts say those weak earnings only increase the chances of a merger or acquisition for Monsanto, however, it could come with a price tag below Bayer’s previous offer.

Monsanto in talks with Bayer, others about ‘strategic options’ [Reuters]

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