Bayer Reportedly Looking To Acquire Monsanto For $40 Billion

Image courtesy of Jeanette E. Spaghetti

When you hear the name Bayer, you probably think of aspirin or other drugs, but the German company has a number of facets, including its sizable CropScience division that produces seeds, pesticides, and other agricultural products. Now comes news that Bayer may be looking to become the world’s largest player in this field (forgive the pun) with a possible acquisition of Monsanto.

Bloomberg reports that Bayer has discussed how it could finance the purchase of the Missouri-based seed company. It’s possible that no deal will ever materialize, or that Bayer could attempt to create a new joint venture with Monsanto instead of acquiring the $40 billion company.

Last year, Monsanto attempted to buy Swiss seed/chemical giant Syngenta in a move that would have given that combined company control of 40% of the U.S. pesticide market. However, Syngenta balked at the Monsanto offer before subsequently agreeing to sell itself for $43 billion to China National Chemical Corp.

Bayer and Monsanto also face competition from Dow and DuPont, who agreed to a massive $130 billion merger in Dec. 2015.

If Bayer were to move forward with an offer for Monsanto, Bloomberg reports that it would likely spur yet another company, Germany’s BASF, to consider jumping into the fray and trying to outbid Bayer.

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