Reminder: You Have Until Tuesday To Use Your Sports Authority Gift Cards

Image courtesy of Nicholas Eckhart

If you still have a Sports Authority gift card lurking somewhere in your papers, it’s time to pull it out and spend it on some ski pants or a camping knife or something. As the company’s business winds down, the last day that its remaining stores and website will accept gift cards is Tuesday, June 28, 2016.


If you’re reading this post at some point after that date, you’re out of luck: you won’t be able to spend the card at a Sports Authority store, largely because they will all have closed by the time you read this. Unless the company’s estate sets up another option, your only option will be to file a claim in the company’s bankruptcy. Gift card holders are at the very back of the line behind lenders, vendors, landlords, and everyone else that a company owes money, but you may get something back.

There are some other scheduled execution dates for gift cards that you should keep in mind: gift cards for media retailer Hastings will only be accepted through July 14, 2016. Hancock Fabrics gift cards will be honored as long as there are still liquidating stores to go to. Finally, you have until December 2, 2016 if you’re still holding on to a RadioShack gift card.

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