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Surfing Outfitter Quiksilver Declares Bankruptcy, Will Close 27 Stores

If you happen to have a gift card for Quiksilver sitting around idle, don’t use it as a tiny surfboard for your fingers anymore: it’s time to redeem it. The company filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy this week and is closing about 20% of its stores. However, the company received approval for a $175 million loan that will let it stay in business while it restructures. [More]

Grocery Shrink Ray Zaps Scott Toilet Paper

Grocery Shrink Ray Zaps Scott Toilet Paper

While watching his kids play around with less-than-sanitary but delightfully inexpensive empty toilet paper rolls, Art discovered the height of the newer rolls had shrunk. This is definitely the work of the dreaded Grocery Shrink Ray. [More]