Why Aren’t People Shopping At Duty-Free Anymore?

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Part of the fun of traveling internationally is the chance to live out your dream of being an adult in a literal candy (and booze, and accessory, and food) store: the duty-free shop. These in-airport retailers have long been a go-to for weary travelers looking to pick up, for example, a Toblerone the size of a small car, but a new report suggests that fewer people are actually making purchases after browsing the store shelves. 

Quartz reports that while duty-free retailers have revamped and expanded their stores in airports — and the products exempt from customs duties — they haven’t been able to capture more sales.

While shoppers spent more than $62 billion last year, it was still a 2% decline in duty-free retail sales. That made 2015 the first year-over-year decline in the industry since 2009.

When the figures are broken down, Quartz reports, the largest decline occurred on pricey watches and jewelry, with sales dipping more than 13.2% from 2014 to 2015. Conversely, fragrance and cosmetic sales actually grew by 2%.

The duty-free organization blames part of the sales slump on a drop in economic and currency volatility.

Issues for the retailers could continue this year, as Quartz points out that long security lines could cut into travelers available shopping time.

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