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GameStop Closing At Least 150 Stores This Year Amid Falling Sales

Efforts by GameStop to drum up business — through the phenomenon that was Pokemon Go and diversifying its portfolio by acquiring more than 500 new AT&T dealer stores — were no match for consumers’ changing preference for digital downloads over physical copies. To that end, the struggling retailer will close at least 150 stores by the end of the year.  [More]


Why Aren’t People Shopping At Duty-Free Anymore?

Part of the fun of traveling internationally is the chance to live out your dream of being an adult in a literal candy (and booze, and accessory, and food) store: the duty-free shop. These in-airport retailers have long been a go-to for weary travelers looking to pick up, for example, a Toblerone the size of a small car, but a new report suggests that fewer people are actually making purchases after browsing the store shelves.  [More]

Subway Hoping A New Look Will Help Turn Things Around In 2016

Subway Hoping A New Look Will Help Turn Things Around In 2016

Even before the public face of Subway became embroiled in a child pornography scandal, the nation’s largest fast food chain was facing sagging sales and concerns from franchisees about management. The company is now hoping a new look and refreshed menu can help put Subway back on track.

A McDonald's ad earlier this year denounced kale, but new reports how the fast food giant may be adding the vegetable to its menu.

McDonald’s Reportedly Adding Kale To The Menu After Bashing The Vegetable Earlier This Year

McDonald’s latest attempt to transform itself into a “modern, progressive burger company” that can attract a younger consumer base apparently includes adding everyone’s (okay, maybe not everyone) favorite superfood to the menu: kale. [More]