Test Your Memory Of The Week That Was With The Consumerist Quiz

Image courtesy of Brad Clinesmith

A lot happens in a week; not all of it sticks in your brain the way it should. How much can you recall from what you’ve read in the last few days? It’s time to test your memory once again with the Consumerist Quiz.

All questions relate to at least one story posted on the site. Be warned that unless you’ve been reading everything on the site, scoring a 100% will not be easy. Last week’s quiz had a median score of around 45%, so if you answer half of these correctly, you probably did better than most.

Of course, the fun is in the taking of the quiz, the challenging of your mind (or your ability to simply search the site for the correct answers), so who cares if you don’t ace it? Unlike tests you take at school or work, no money, grades, or lives are at stake here; and the only reward is a sense of pride for those who’ve really paid attention.

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