Park City Residents Don’t Want Ski Resort To Trademark The Name “Park City”

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When you have a business that’s in a popular tourist location, naming your establishment after the city is an obvious way to align yourself with that hotspot, thus, attracting said out-of-towners. That’s why one ski resort’s trademark application for the name “Park City” has the city’s other residents worried for the future of their businesses.

There are more than 40 businesses that use Park City in their name, and many of them started getting worried when Vail Resorts applied to trademark those words. So far, more than 100 locals have filed official complaints with the United States Patent and Trademark Office, reports FOX-13.

Vail Resorts and Park City Mountain Resort CEO Bill Rock said his company only wants to block other resorts from using the Park City name, and not keep other kinds of businesses from using it.

“Our intent is to give assurances that we’re not trying to impact anyone else’s business, just protect our resort as a ski area,” Rock said.

But despite various assurances to the city and businesses that the company won’t go back on its word, many are worried that someday Vail Resorts will try to force businesses to remove Park City from their name.

“Things quite often can sound good in the beginning and go a bit sideways, and I think that’s of course where the natural fear is for most people,” one local business owner told FOX-13.

Last night, residents voiced their concerns at a city council meeting, showing up in large numbers, reports, and were vocal about why the company shouldn’t be allowed to trademark the name.

“Governments change, everything changes, but that trademark stays,” one said.

Rock again assured people that a memorandum of understanding to work with individual businesses and the city would mean Park City can remain on storefronts.

“We understand the passion that surrounds this issue,” Rock said. “What we’re trying to do is protect the ski area, protect Park City as it relates to the ski area.”

Residents remain skeptical, and want the city council to file a formal opposition against Vail Resorts. The patent and trademark office has given Park City until July 9 to decide whether it wants to do so.

“Once you’ve got a capital ’T’ and a capital ‘M’ in a little circle, you own that,” said one resident.

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