Tesla Shipping Model X Owners Sunshades To Fix Windshield Glare

Just weeks after Tesla began shipping its long-anticipated Model X SUV, the new owners began expressing concerns over several quality issues including a windshield that distorted oncoming headlights and street lamps and allowed too much heat to enter the vehicle. Today, the electric carmaker is trying to fix one of those issues by shipping sunshades to owners.

Tesla is providing owners of the Model X with a removable sunshade that aims to reduce the amount of sunlight and heat that comes through the vehicle’s larger-than-normal windshield.

The Model X windshield is about a foot and a half wider than a typical vehicle windshield, extending to the back of the front seats.

While the window provides for expanded views of scenery, owners have complained that the small amount of shade gradient on the glass fails to protect them from the bright lights of the sun — and the heat that goes along with it.

The new sunshades will cover up the portion of the windshield where visors cannot reach, blocking about two-thirds of the light and heat coming from above the driver’s head.

An installation guide [PDF] for the shade shows that it is constructed of mesh fabric in a collapsible rigid frame and is to be placed on the inside of the upper windshield.

Tesla’s step to fix one of the Model X issues comes two months after our colleagues at Consumer Reports highlighted other problems drivers encountered with the new vehicle.

Consumers who received their Model X SUVs after the initial rollout was delayed shared their disappointment with the quality of the electric vehicle, citing issues that also included malfunctioning second-row seats, sheet-metal panel gaps, distorted views from the windshield, climate control issues, and doors that fail to close properly.

At the time Tesla told Consumer Reports that it was aware of some of the issues.

“We are committed to making the world’s most reliable cars. While we have seen some issues with early Model X builds, the issues are not widespread, and we are working closely with each owner to respond quickly and proactively to address any problems. We will continue to do so until each customer is fully satisfied. This commitment is one of the reasons why 98 percent of our customers say they will buy another Tesla as their next car.”

[via The Verge]

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