How Well Do You Know The Real Names Of The Drugs You Take?

Image courtesy of Steven Depolo

Ads for prescription and over-the-counter drugs are everywhere, so much so that we’ve become accustomed to hearing and seeing the brand name of a medication immediately followed by a parenthetical containing the generic name [ex: Valtrex (valacyclovir)], but how well have we been paying attention to these ads? Are we now so savvy that we immediately know that Chantix is the trade name for varenicline, or have we become so inured to these ads that we aren’t paying any attention?

If you think you’ve got a pretty good grasp on the real names of brand-name pharmaceuticals, then test your memory (or your ability to quickly check Wikipedia; we don’t have any way to stop you) with the latest Consumerist Quiz.

We’re not expecting most people to do well, as the drugs listed below cover a wide variety of ailments and hopefully not that many of you (outside the medical and pharma communities) are that well-versed on too many drugs — but have at it anyway. The only failure is in not trying, or something like that.

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