Chris Thomas From DirecTV Moved To AT&T, Still Sends Ads Disguised As Greeting Cards

Have you received a card from your favorite cousin Chris Thomas lately? All humans are cousins if you go back far enough, after all, and Chris is the public face of DirecTV convincing customers to open mail by disguising it as a greeting card, or some kind of personal mail that you’d actually want to open.

You might remember one of these mailings that we published in 2014, which featured the master touch of a classic generic address label with a lighthouse on it.


That envelope contained a DirecTV solicitation, and the return address was DirecTV’s headquarters.

Now, a quick glance on LinkedIn tells us that Chris Thomas has moved up to working in marketing at DirecTV’s new parent company, AT&T. Reader Calvin recently received this mailing from Chris, which is less friendly than the 2014 version, but still looks more like personal correspondence than most junk that shows up in your mailbox. This time, his return address is a post office box in the suburbs of Chicago.





This version is less convincing, though, since who sends a real greeting card to “A Pasadena Neighbor” unless you’ve inviting those new people down the street to your block party?