Tesla Will Probably Charge Model 3 Owners For Using Supercharging Stations

Image courtesy of jecoopr

While current Tesla owners can drive up to any one of the Supercharging stations in the company’s network, plug in, and fill up on electricity for free, future owners of Model 3 cars probably won’t be able to enjoy that same service without paying for it.

CEO Elon Musk said it’s the “obvious” thing to charge Model 3 owners to fill up on electricity, but says it’s not going to be more expensive than gassing up.

“Free Supercharging fundamentally has a cost,” Musk said during Tesla’s annual shareholders meeting, as reported by Bloomberg (warning: link contains video that autoplays). “The obvious thing to do is decouple that from the cost of the Model 3. So it will still be very cheap, and far cheaper than gasoline, to drive long-distance with the Model 3, but it will not be free long distance for life unless you purchase that package.”

He didn’t elaborate on how much such a package could cost to use any of the 632 Superchargers Tesla has sprinkled around the world.

“The best thing to do is to charge your car where you charge your phone: at home and at work,” said Musk.

Musk Says It’s ‘Obvious’ Model 3 Owners to Pay for Superchargers [Bloomberg]

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