Academy Sports Is Totally Ready To Poach Sports Authority Customers

Competitors aren’t even waiting for Sports Authority to close its doors before trying to poach the chain’s customers. Here’s a coupon that arrived in reader Sandra’s mail last week, which manages to use the closing of Sports Authority as a draw without actually naming the retailer.



“While your sporting goods options are changing,” the coupon says, “you can always count on Academy for top brands at the lowest prices around. Save today on gear for all the adventures, games, and fun that awaits you.”

That depends on how many competing chains are in Sandra’s area, and how long ago the store closing sale at her local Sports Authority store, if there still is one, began.

Industry leader Dick’s is also opening its doors to Sports Authority customers, offering $20 in rewards program credit to Sports Authority rewards members who sign up for their similar program. Without promotions or bonus points, a customer would normally have to spend $600 to earn that much credit.


(Thanks to Sandra for posting this coupon to the Consumerist Facebook page!)