Here’s How To Tell The FCC How You Feel About New Debt Collection Robocall Loophole

Image courtesy of Dan Coulter

Now that the government has carved out a loophole allowing it to place automated and/or pre-recorded robocalls to consumers to collect any debts owed to the federal government, the FCC is trying to come up with robocall rules that aren’t entirely awful. Consumers have a short window of time to chime in on these rules, so here’s how to share your feelings with the FCC.

The FCC’s proposed rules include a few safeguards intended to minimize the annoyance of these robocalls.

Consumers would retain the right to stop debt collectors from calling them, and the new robocalls would need to clearly disclose this right when the call is made. Debt collectors would not be allowed to place robocalls to friends or family members of the alleged debtor. Robocalls would also be limited to three per month.

Is that enough, or should there be more?

Maybe you think there should be restrictions specific to calls made to cellphones. Perhaps you have an opinion on how robocallers should disclose the ability to stop receiving calls. What about the penalties for robocallers who repeatedly call the wrong number?

As you can see if you read the full notice of proposed rulemaking [PDF], the FCC is seeking comment from the public on a wide variety of issues here. Make sure your voice is heard above the din of the debt collectors clamoring to cash in.

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