Carnival Cruise Ship Hits Gangway, Shoving It Onto Vehicles Parked Near The Dock

Image courtesy of lisa andres

It’s not always easy being a huge boat when it comes time to head into port, as a Carnival Cruise Lines ship found out while docking in Baltimore on Sunday. No one was hurt in the incident — unless you count the cars parked nearby.

The Carnival Pride cruise ship hit a gangway that’s used to unload and load passengers, sending it crashing down on three unoccupied parked vehicles, The Baltimore Sun reports.

No one was using the gangway when the ship struck it, officials said, adding that they weren’t too concerned after the incident once they learned no one was hurt.

Passengers reported feeling a thump, but most didn’t realize anything was amiss.

“We just thought that’s what happens when you dock,” one passenger told The Sun.

The cruise was returning from an eight-day trip to the Bahamas. Though it received minor damage, it managed to depart on Sunday for another cruise: according to, the ship left Baltimore at about 11:30 last night.

Carnival cruise ship crashes into gangway at Baltimore port, causing it to collapse on three vehicles [The Baltimore Sun]

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