143 NY Nail Salons Ordered To Pay Employees $2M In Back Wages

Image courtesy of Yellow Sky Photography

The New York task force created last year by the state to combat nail salon labor abuses is having an effect on the industry, with the group announcing today that it’s ordered a slew of nail salons to pay millions in back wages to employees.

Since its launch in May 2015, the Nail Salon Industry Enforcement Task Force has ordered 143 salons to repay 652 workers who were paid less than the $9 minimum wage or illegally denied overtime, Cuomo’s office announced, for a total of $2 million.

“New York State is cracking down like never before on the unscrupulous individuals that take advantage of the hardworking people they employ,” Cuomo said. “A fair day’s wage for a fair day’s work is a principle that this state was built upon and this administration is committed to stopping employers who exploit workers and deny them what they are rightfully owed.”

So far the task force has launched investigations into 450 nail salons, completing 383 of those. Many were a result of complaints but most were based on random inspections, Cuomo’s office said.

Cuomo’s office has urged consumers to take part in cracking down on labor abuses as well, reminding them that “consumers have a choice” in the businesses they frequent.

“If a nail salon is abusing workers, don’t go there. Walk down the block to one of the other 2,999 nail salons,” Cuomo said last year.

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