NY DMV Issues Teen Learner’s Permit That Says He’s 116 Years Old

If you want to feel old, ponder this: the teens now taking the roads as learners and as licensed drivers were born in the year 2000. Maybe the real surprise is that it took this long for populous New York state to accidentally issue a permit with an extra century tacked on to the driver’s age.

There are advantages to having an extra century tacked on your age on official ID, of course. The boy’s family suggested that he could apply for Social Security retirement benefits, and he joked about registering to vote or buying lottery tickets. The license came without restrictions, and without the important “Under 21” flag. However, it also isn’t valid. Few storekeepers or police officers would believe that it was real, anyway.

The error-laden license was the product of his family’s second trip to the DMV to obtain his permit. The first version of his permit had his birth date in January wrong. “I’ve already been to the DMV three times,” he told CBS New York. (Warning: auto-play video)

For the New York DMV’s part, a spokesperson said that this is the first wrong-century case they’ve seen, and that they’ll be issuing a new permit. This one might even have the correct date.

DMV Sends Harrison Teen Permit That Says He’s 116 Years Old [CBS New York] (Warning: auto-play video at that link)

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