Dash-Cam Captures Audi Service Tech’s Alleged Joyride In Customer’s Car

It’s a scene straight out of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, which is the only movie anyone ever quotes in these situations: a customer who took his Audi in for servicing in California says his car’s dash-cam captured a service technician taking his wheels for a joyride.

The car owner posted the video claiming that the tech veered from the usual test ride, racing the vehicle at high speeds, and snorting something in the car at oone point, CBS San Francisco reports (warning: link contains video that auto plays).

GPS information in the dash-cam video shows the driver speeding down a street at 53 miles per hour — and apparently enjoying it, if you’ll please note the high-pitched giggle at 1:10 and chuckle at 1:22.

He stops for a break, at which point viewers are treated to the sound of the man taking two deep, long sniffs. He races away again, blasting some upbeat tunes and revving the engine to get to 65 mph to hit a curve that’s marked with a 25 mph speed limit. He hits the freeway and pushes the pedal to get up to 77 mph.

The general manager of the Audi dealership did not confirm the authenticity of the the dash-cam footage nor comment on whether the employee in question has been terminated, but offered a statement to the news station.

“An unfortunate incident was brought to our attention earlier this week. We immediately began our investigation and have already taken action.”

Police told CBS they aren’t investigating the alleged incident, noting that the streets in the video are close to at least two dealerships and mechanics often use them for high-speed test drives.

Dash Cam Video Shows Alleged Audi Tech’s Palo Alto Joyride In Customer’s Car [CBS San Francisco]

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