Air France Offering Younger Customers A 30% Discount With New Rewards Program

Image courtesy of Juan Rodriguez - PMI/LEPA

Here’s something we haven’t seen in the U.S. yet: Air France is intent on wooing the younger crowd of fliers, and is willing to bestow perks on them for being loyal passengers with a new rewards card.

The young-people-only card is only for customers ages 12 to 24, and will cost €49 ($56) and last for a year, Air France President Frederic Gagey said Friday, as reported by Bloomberg.

The discounted fares will be available with Air France and its regional carrier Hop!, but not with discount subsidiary Transavia.

The rewards program is an effort to attract younger customers who might otherwise use long-distance buses or rail tickets to get where they’re going. While France’s rail operator offers youth discounts, most airlines don’t.

“There’s a huge opportunity for us in targeting consumers who don’t currently fly, both in terms of filling our planes and building loyalty at an early age,” Lionel Guerin, who heads Hop!, told Bloomberg.

Air France Courts Young Travelers With 30% Loyalty Discount [Bloomberg]

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