Postmates Launches Same-Day Delivery Subscription Service For $10 A Month

In a move that brings it closer to Amazon Prime territory, Postmates is launching a new subscription service that promises same-day delivery for a monthly fee of $9.99.

Dubbed “Postmates Plus Unlimited,” the program works much like Amazon’s Prime Now: subscribers get free same-day delivery on orders of at least $30 from Postmate’s collection of partners, the company announced on Thursday. The company currently has deals with about 3,000 stores and services in the U.S.

Subscribers will also skip the 9% service fee usually charged for Postmates delivery on every order.

The hope is that customers will become loyal to the Postmates program and order things more often, which will then attract more retail partners.

“The great thing about Amazon Prime is it centers everyone’s default e-commerce to Amazon, and on Amazon, you default to products on Prime,” Sean Plaice, co-founder and chief technical officer at Postmates told Bloomberg. “That’s the same thing we’re looking to have here. Why use any service but Postmates to get your food delivered? You have a subscription. It gives you the best, most affordable delivery.”

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