Google Fiber Finally Adds “Fiber Phone” Service For $10/Month

In the handful of markets where Google Fiber exists, it’s offered high-speed broadband and pay-TV service to compete with the existing cable companies. One thing Google hasn’t offered that the incumbent providers have is landline phone service, but that’s changing with the rollout of “Fiber Phone,” which will also let you field calls on your cellphone.

As the name implies, Fiber Phone is only available in those markets where Google Fiber is an option, and currently only in select areas. For those who can access the service, it’s a $10/month plan that offers unlimited nationwide calling (Google Voice rates apply for international calls). It also includes the standard features — call waiting, caller ID, 9-1-1 emergency calling — that traditional telecom providers offer.

Like some other VoIP services, Fiber Phone will let you use your cellphone to answer calls to your landline number, or use your laptop to make calls using the same number.

Google is also pushing its automatic transcription service — which can email or text you a transcription of your voicemails — as a plus, but anyone who has ever stared, baffled by the gibberish Google’s robot transcriptionists put out can tell you, you’re probably better off just listening to the message.

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