People Keep Stealing The Sign For Glory Hole Drive For Some Reason

glory holeWhen someone keeps stealing your street sign, it’s kind of difficult to give directions to your home. Residents who live on a private road in California have frequently faced this problem: their sign has been stolen five times, twice in the last two years. Named after a former gold mining camp, their street is called Glory Hole Drive.

That name presumably meant something different in a 19th-century gold mining context than it does today. A warning to anyone out there who is tempted to steal this or any similarly hilarious sign, though: it isn’t a victimless crime and the expense isn’t shared among many taxpayers.

For private roads like this one, it’s the people who live there who pay for sign replacement, not local government. A new sign costs about $300. CBS Sacramento points out that the last time Google Street View passed through the neighborhood, the sign was missing, too.

One resident observed that he has a habit of choosing homes on streets with highly stealable names: “We moved out from Alaska and our street name was Smoke Bowl,” he told CBS Sacramento.

Glory Hole Drive Sign A Target For Thieves Who Love Double Entendres [CBS Sacramento]