Uber Objects To Atlanta Airport’s Plan For Driver Background Checks, Fare Fees

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The next time you need a ride at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, it’s not likely going to be an Uber driver who picks you up. The ride-share company has balked at the airport’s proposal that would require Uber and Lyft drivers to get fingerprint-based background checks, as well as impose fees on every fare.

Airport officials released the details of their plan for ride-share pickups that would start July 1, if the Atlanta City Council approves, reports The Atlanta Journal-Constitution.

As well as fingerprint checks, drivers would have to have bumper decals and only make pickups at designated curbside spots. The airport would get a cut of $1.50 for every fare, and companies would also have to pay $10,000 annually to help fund infrastructure and pay enforcement and other costs.

Uber’s not on board with the overall plan at this point, saying the proposal “would raise substantial barriers to the Uber driver partners” and is “out of step with the dozens of airports across the country that have welcomed ride-sharing” with operating agreements.

“If this framework were to be implemented, it will be impossible for Uber to (operate)” at the airport, a spokesman for the company said in a written statement.

Meanwhile, Lyft says it’s looking forward “to continuing our work together to reach a solution” that allows Lyft rides at the Atlanta airport. “We’re optimistic that we’ll find a way forward,” the company said.

Ride-share pickups aren’t generally allowed at the airport right now, though it happens due to spotty enforcement. As a result, some passengers have been confused about whether ride-share services are allowed or not.

Hartsfield-Jackson’s general manager says the airport wants to give customers the service they want, while promoting safety and customer service and leveling the playing field among Uber, Lyft, cab drivers, limo drivers, and other transportation providers.

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