Force-Quitting All Your Apps Won’t Actually Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Image courtesy of Sigma.DP2.Kiss.X3

Battery on your iPhone running low? If you’re the kind of person who rushes to force quit apps you aren’t using in an attempt to conserve what precious power you have, you’re not alone… but your method is basically useless at extending your phone’s battery life, according to a senior executive at Apple who knows about these things.

A 9to5Mac reader shared an email he sent to an email to CEO Tim Cook, asking if he, also, shuts down background apps, and if doing so stretches your battery. Apple’s senior vice president of software engineering Craig Federighi ended up replying with a firm “no” on both counts.

“I know you emailed Tim but I’ll at least offer my input,” Federighi wrote, adding “No and no” under a quote of the reader’s questions.

Despite the myth that this method will boost your battery life, even an Apple support page says you usually only need to force an app to close if it’s unresponsive.

“When you press the Home button two times quickly, the recently used apps that appear aren’t open,” the page explains. “They’re in an efficient standby mode to help you navigate and multitask.”

If, however, you have Background App Refresh on, well, then of course closing those apps could keep them from constantly refreshing, and thus, draining your battery life. Similarly, having apps running in the background that actually do things, like GPS navigation in a map app or music playback will also suck battery.

Apple’s software SVP says quitting multitasking apps not necessary, won’t offer improved battery life [9to5Mac]

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