Force-Quitting All Your Apps Won’t Actually Extend Your iPhone’s Battery Life

Battery on your iPhone running low? If you’re the kind of person who rushes to force quit apps you aren’t using in an attempt to conserve what precious power you have, you’re not alone… but your method is basically useless at extending your phone’s battery life, according to a senior executive at Apple who knows about these things. [More]

Twitter Takes Down Background Images, Doesn’t Explain Why

Twitter Takes Down Background Images, Doesn’t Explain Why

Have you checked Twitter today? If so, then you may have noticed a few things. First, that beautiful background image you carefully selected to show a bit of your personality is no longer decorating your page; instead, it’s been replaced with a plain white void. The result: this new version of Twitter looks an awful lot like Facebook: a small profile picture on the left and a long photo of your choosing plastered at the top of the page. [More]