Amazon And Brita Announce Smart Pitcher That Orders Its Own Filters

brita_infinity_pitcherSavvy observers probably knew when Amazon created its Dash system of buttons that let consumers re-order single items that they use often that the buttons themselves were never the point. The real point of Amazon Dash was to create smart home goods that replenish themselves, like printers that order their own ink and dishwashers that prompt you to order more soap after a certain number of wash cycles. Now that technology will be applied to… water filters.

Water filters? Yes, Brita has created a smart pitcher that’s part of Amazon Dash, connecting to your home WiFi and keeping track of how many gallons of water you’ve filtered. You connect the pitcher to your home Internet connection, then register for a Brita Infinity account and link that to your Amazon account. Remember, this is all supposed to simplify your life.

Once the pitcher hits its limit, it sends an order to your Amazon account, which you confirm or cancel. “By integrating Wi-Fi connectivity into this pitcher so it can connect with Amazon Dash Replenishment,” Brita general manager Ed Huber said in a statement, “we’ve created an elegant, simple solution to eliminate that moment when you realize you didn’t re-order your filter.”

While this does give users unprecedented convenience in their water filter replenishment, it has a nice advantage for Brita: automatic re-ordering based on how much water customers filter is a great way to keep customers from stretching their current filter for just a few more weeks.

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