You Can Use Amazon Payments Instead Of Your Credit Card On Southwest Flights

amazon_payments_southwestSouthwest Airlines could have partnered up with a number of online payment services to let passengers log in to their accounts instead of pulling out their credit cards to pay for in-air WiFi and entertainment, including on their own devices.

“We are thrilled to be working with Southwest to offer customers a familiar and trusted way to pay while inflight to destinations all around the United States,” the VP of Amazon Payments said in a statement. Passengers will be able to buy access to WiFi, messaging, and movies from the in-flight portal.

They just have to log in using their own username and password, including any passwords that they’ve saved on their personal devices.

Amazon Payments came up with a cartoon where the protagonist is stuck in the middle seat between two faceless oval-headed people and unable to access his wallet, which is probably a common modern tragedy.

Amazon’s huge market share make them a logical choice to make payments seem even more seamless, when having to pause to reach for their wallet might make a traveler think twice about ordering in-flight WiFi or a movie.

Southwest Airlines adopts ‘Pay with Amazon’ for in-flight entertainment purchases [GeekWire]

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