JCPenney Will Actually Be Selling Some Items For A Penny

Screen Shot 2016-02-24 at 10.57.48 AMNot so long ago, JCPenney was pushing the idea of “No More Sales,” hoping to attract shoppers with everyday low prices. That didn’t work, and now the retailer is going in the completely opposite direction with upcoming promotions where it intends to sell things for just a single penny.

This is according to the Dallas Morning News, which reports that JCP is unveiling a new slogan — “Get Your Penney’s Worth” — and promoting it by effectively giving away limited amounts of certain items.

“We’re going to do it with items we’re proud of,” an executive from the company tells the News, explaining that the penny sales will all involve JCP house brands, like its Arizona line of products.

In some cases, the penny deals will be part of a Buy-One-Get-One offer. Some almost-freebies will be standalone items where no other purchase is required.

The notion of giveaways-as-marketing is just one of the ideas cribbed from the world of supermarket marketing.

“We’re doing the equivalent of an Oreo display,” says the JCP exec, referring to the way an in-store display for the popular cookies will have stacks of Oreos there for the purchasing, along with the price and other food items you might want to buy.

Applied to a clothing retailer, the exec explains that mannequins won’t just be sporting outfits that shoppers can find somewhere in the general area. Instead, the items on display will be right there next to the mannequins, along with big signs showing off the price.

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