American Airlines Will Give You Free Treats At The Gate If Your Flight Is Delayed For At Least Two Hours

Would a bag of pretzels or a can of soda placate you if your flight were delayed for two hours? American Airlines hopes that’s all it’ll take. 

The carrier recently began testing a “Gateside Amenities” plan that aims to calm travelers whose flights are delayed by offering them free snacks and drinks, Bloomberg reports.

The plan, announced via an employee newsletter on Thursday, will provide treats and drinks at the gate when weather or operational issues delay a flight for two hours or more.

If the delay stretches beyond three hours, the airline will provide complimentary sandwiches to waiting travelers.

Rather than just give travelers meal vouchers, American — which recently brought back snacks in coach — believes that offering delayed passengers sustenance at the gate will keep them in the vicinity where they can be easily updated on departure information.

The Gateside Amenities service is currently being tested at New York’s John F. Kennedy International Airport, and will expand to Los Angeles International Airport later this month, Bloomberg reports.

If tests of the plan goes smoothly, it could be implemented across all American routes later this year, the company says.

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