Live The Dream: Buy Your Own Doomsday Bunker In Northern Ireland

In Northern Ireland, northeast of Belfast, the country built a massive underground bunker big enough to hold 235 people. It was meant for the country’s elite to shelter themselves in the event of nuclear war. Its existence was only made public in 2007, and the government has decided to get rid of it. There’s a problem, though: it’s easy enough to sell government surplus filing cabinets or tanks, but what’s the market for 46,363 square feet of blastproof and windowless real estate?

The bunker costs $850,000, and journalists got to tour the facility this week in the hope that media attention might lead to interested buyers. It would make a fine storage facility, for example. Someone could run it as a tourist attraction: I suggest Post-Apocalypse Fantasy Camp.

The bunker sits under some nice grassy fields and the entrance is hidden, so it could also make a fine underground lair for anyone who wants to take up supervillaining.

The Strangelove Suite: Northern Ireland sells nuclear bunker [Associated Press]

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