Flying On United Could Soon Mean More Legroom For Travelers With Airline’s New Plane Plans

If you’re sick of folding yourself into a seat on one of United Airline’s 50-seater planes, relief is in sight in the somewhat near future. The Chicago-based carrier says it’s going to ditch many of those smaller aircraft, while planning to buy a bunch of larger planes for its fleet.

United says it’s going to buy 40 new Boeing 737-00 planes that will enter its fleet starting in mid-2017, reports the Chicago Tribune. Those plans can fit about 120 seats, though airlines can always fiddle around with seat count.

At the same time, it’s trying to reduce by more than half the number of 50-seat planes in its fleet by 2019.

“Our customers have a preference for an improved travel experience, including first class seats, Economy Plus, and Wi-Fi. These aircraft are an efficient way to meet those needs,” said Gerry Laderman, United’s acting chief financial officer said of the larger aircraft.

United buying bigger aircraft, ditching 50-seat planes [Chicago Tribune]

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