Poll Sponsored By Charter Says Charter Is Great, More Charter Greater

timecharterlogoCharter is still pushing very hard to get their pending three-way merger with Time Warner Cable and Bright House Networks approved by the FCC and Department of Justice. To that end, they’re happy to push any available evidence that they are not only great, but also working for the public interest. And what better way to gather that evidence than to sponsor their very own poll looking for it?

So that’s exactly what they did. Charter happily announced today that a polling company they hired, Morning Consult, found that a majority of the people they polled thing that Charter is a great idea.

The survey polled over 2100 registered voters during the second week of January. Except, according to Charter’s announcement, the survey doesn’t exactly ask if people support the merger now, or to what degree they support the merger. Instead, it asked if certain promises would make those respondents more or less likely to support the merger, like so:


Over half of respondents who were told that Charter service does not require a contract or impose data caps (three of the six presented questions are about data caps) said that if that fact were true, it would make them more favorably inclined towards the merger. Likewise, 74% of respondents said that Charter adding more customer service jobs to the American economy would make them more likely to support the merger.

The report does not, however, indicate how strong that support was to begin with, or how big an improvement in support “more likely to support” represents.

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